The Women’s March united millions around the world who stood up and spoke up for women’s rights and in defense of equal rights for all.  This powerful outpouring for Love and equality rang out as the initial trumpets of the resistance – a resounding call to action on the first day of the new regime.


We encourage you to continue your active role in the Loving Resistance and represent your values and convictions. Be present and accountable to those in our society who may not have the position of privilege or platform to speak from. Work to resist feelings of apathy, passivity, helplessness or cynicism.  Embrace feelings of inspiration, responsibility, hope and empowerment. Those in power are not waiting a moment to impose their intentions, we encourage you to take this moment to stand up for yours.

We encourage you to take part in the Women’s March on Washington’s “10 Actions for the first 100 days” campaign.

If you haven’t already please take a moment to view our 100 Day Challenge. Join us as we challenge ourselves to focus on external, as well as internal, Loving Action.

You can also find some ideas and resources available on our Learn page.

Take the time to develop your own plan of action and persuade others to join you.

Create the dedicated time and space in your life to put your Loving intention into Action!

Love Action Item 1: January 2017


We at the Love Action Coalition will not normalize, accept or acknowledge the incoming regime.

It is our belief that this past election cycle was marred with misdirected hate, misinformation and manipulation. We also live in a nation with a legacy of inequality which still relies on an antiquated system of voter suppression to ratify an election. These factors collided to create a crack in the liberty and integrity of our republic. While it may be damaged, we will not sit idle and allow it to be further broken.

Boycott the Inauguration on Friday January 20th

Do not give the spoiled that which they crave. Stand with Representatives John Lewis, Earl Blumenauer and many others to boycott the inauguration ceremony.  We do not accept the legitimacy of this President-elect and will not normalize his rise to power.  We choose not to watch the circus live…we’ll wait and cringe at clips on the Daily Show.

Join a Resistance March on Inauguration Weekend


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