The Love Action Coalition was formed to encourage and empower members of our community to stand up and get involved in the fight for our future. A battle that is now being fought at all levels of our government, as well as in the darkest corners of our society.

We bring our message to you through the lens of Love and gratitude. We express Love for our world community, and gratitude for the opportunity to work together to make it better. Our goal is to provide an open forum where we join together to learn, connect and act. Through our website, Facebook, social media feeds and Love Action Alerts, we spread word of the resistance and provide information to inspire and empower.

Through our community meetings and outreach efforts we build connections with our friends, co-workers and neighbors to encourage them to spread the message into their communities and engage in grassroots social justice activism.

We believe it is time to put our Love in Action!

Please take a moment to view Senator Elizabeth Warren’s
2017 Progressive Congress Strategy Summit Speech

How will you put your Love in Action?

How will you put your Love in Action?
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Please show us how you are putting your Love into Action
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Love in Action

We are a community organization formed to encourage and empower citizen activism.

We believe in the power of loving intention combined with responsibility and connection.

We encourage others to work together with us in defense of our shared values and principles.

We stand in resistance to the incoming regime and unite in rejection of policies of hate and injustice.

We represent a Coalition of individuals committed to expressing Love through Action.