March 2017

The more you are motivated by Love, The more Fearless & Free your action will be. ~Dalai Lama XIV

Put Your Love into Action!

Indivisible Oregon
Information on Resist Trump Tuesday Meetups, opportunities to connect with local representatives and other local Indivisible events.
Indivisible National

Portland United Against Hate
We at the Love Action Coalition are grateful to have an opportunity to stand in alliance with the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement’s Portland United Against Hate partnership.  You can find a statement about the city initiative here.

March 2017 Love Action Items

Sunday March 19th at 4:00pm we will be joining with others in SE Portland to unite
with Love and stand together against hate. Meet at 3300 SE Woodward St/Waverly UCC parking lot. (FB Event “Fierce Love: Standing Up Against Hate in SE Portland.” )

Sunday March 26th at 10:00am we will be hosting a People Power Action Event
to share ideas and opportunities for social justice activism. Click here to register.

For those in Multnomah County Oregon we have a timely opportunity to let our voices be heard as the Sheriff’s office has a review period of a proposed ICE detention policy.
By visiting the Stakeholder Review portion of the MCSO website, we encourage you to assess their Enforcement of ICE Detainers policy and submit a review before the March 30th deadline.

Oregon Lobby Days

Oregon Lobby DaysWith the Oregon state legislature now in session, we encourage you to stand up for causes you believe in and make sure that those who are elected to represent you actually do. There are many opportunities for local political activism during the annual Lobby Day events at the state capitol. Below are links to some upcoming:

March 20th – Basic Rights Oregon

March 23rd –  ACLU Oregon

March 27th – Oregon Education Association 

March 31st – Causa – Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Organization

April 3rd – Partnership for safety and Justice

More Lobby Day events on OPAL’s Lobby Day Calendar

Love Action Item Recap
Coalition member Beven Byrnes recently had the opportunity to put her privilege of position and Love in action in helping create cleaner air for all through the legislative process right here in Oregon. On March 20th Beven joined air quality advocates at the capital in Salem to deliver testimony before the House Committee on Energy and Environment in support of HB 2669 (the Community Toxins Reporting Act) on behalf of Bridges Middle School (a nonprofit school in Portland serving students with learning differences ) where she serves as Principal. You can read a longer blog post with links to news coverage about this issue here.

“It was invigorating to play an active role influencing lawmakers and it served as a great reminder of how lucky we are here in Oregon. Our legislators are incredibly accessible and your voice is encouraged and needed to inform those elected to represent our views, values and beliefs”, said Beven. We strongly encourage you to put your Love in Action by visiting today. Type in your zip code or keywords of issues you are about to learn about active bills this session and when and where you can lend your important supportive or opposing voice. You really can make a difference, if you Act!

People Power Logo
ACLU’s People Power – Freedom Cities Campaign
– We encourage you to learn more about the ACLU’s new People Power organizing initiative and the roll out of their Freedom Cities plan of action (more to come).

April 1st – Fire the Fool Rally – Downtown Portland and throughout the nation.
Info for Portland Event

We also continue to promote our 100 Feminist Who Care Campaign as well as our monthly Loving Resistance Meetings on the second Saturday of each month.

Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up, Act Up!  #LoveAction

On-Going Love Action Agenda

If you haven’t yet viewed our 100 Day Challenge we encourage you do so. This is our initial campaign to encourage you to get involved in the resistance and bring your loving intention into action.

Step Up and get Involved

Act Local!

For our Portland community members we encourage you to check out Activate! Portland’s list of our local progressive community organizations and their calendar of events.

Social Action Resources:

Let’s do what we can…let’s put our Love in Action!

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