The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us? ~Dorothy Day

Love Action Coalition’s 100 Day Challenge

We are promoting Robert Reich’s 100 Days Resistance Agenda as outlined in his video on our homepage. In the video, Reich presents several steps we should take to get involved in the resistance and help “set the tone for a new, more engaged America.” He recommends we each dedicate an hour a day to this purpose. We agree.

The incoming regime proposes a plan for what they hope to accomplish during their first 100 days in power. It is a plan riddled with policies of inequity, devastation and disparity. We at Love Action Coalition propose a different type of plan for our first 100 days – a campaign of Loving Resistance. Our plan involves actively working to resist the policies and appointees of the incoming regime, while also making a commitment to dedicate time and space each day to reflect on our own values and intention. We believe that by clarifying your intentions and convictions, you will be better equipped to actively and effectively engage in Loving Action.

A primary intention of our coalition is to encourage others to demonstrate their convictions through their actions. We advocate dedicating time to focus on the external action element, while also creating a commitment to work on the internal aspects that help drive and influence our actions. As the outer work will focus on outcomes and objectives, the inner work represents an ongoing evolution of spirit.

We invite you to take part in our 100 Day Challenge:

Beginning on January 20th we challenge you to dedicate one hour each day to doing outer and inner work – what we call External and Internal Loving Action. We’ve presented some general ideas below, and we encourage you to come up with your own. Some days you may find opportunities to spend the bulk of the time engaged in external action, while other days you focus more on internal reflection. The specifics of how you spend the time is up to you, as long as you commit to expressing your Love through Action. Below are some ideas to get you started, the challenge is now on you.

In Support of External Loving Action:

  • Engage with members of your community: Through informed and compassionate debate connect with others to discuss important resistance campaigns and causes. Unite with those who have similar principles to strengthen your shared intentions (see our Connect page to join or host a Loving Resistance Meeting). Also make efforts to engage with those who have different ideologies and diverse points of view.  Work to encourage others to engage in the fight for our future.
  • Show up for causes you identify with: Join in rallies, marches and demonstrations to be present and actively involved in causes of the resistance (see our Act page for our Love in Action campaigns). Volunteer your time and resources to worthy organizations.
  • Speak up for your beliefs and convictions: Be vocal about how you feel and your intentions to work for justice and equality. Spread the word of the resistance via social media, email, petitions, letter writing campaigns and by contacting your representatives directly (see our Learn page for resources to help spread the word and work of the resistance).
  • What other ways will you work on External Loving Action?

In Support of Internal Loving Action:

  • Contemplate and clarify your intentions: Create a sacred space in your day to meditate and focus on what you want to bring forth in this world. How do you intend to spend your life? Your day? This moment? What do you feel is deserving of your time and efforts?  What is the indented outcome?
  • Reflect on the values and principles you hold dear: Take time to think about the values that you feel most closely aligned with and that best represent you. Why are these values important to you? How do you reinforce them in your life? How could you bring your actions in closer alignment with your values?
  • Be compassionate and forgiving to yourself: As we work to combat forces of tyranny and oppression in the external world, let’s not forget to resist our internal oppressive thought patterns. Work to identify and release limiting beliefs and negative feelings. Is this thought warranted? Is this belief serving and constructive? How can I heal these thoughts to create more space for generating loving intention?
  • What other ways will you work on Internal Loving Action?

We encourage you to join us in taking on this 100 Day Challenge. 

Let us know how you are dedicating your time to External and Internal Loving Action by contributing to our community on Facebook and using the #LoveAction tag on social media feeds.

We challenge you to embrace this opportunity to put your Love in Action!